5 Benefits of Hiring Pet Walkers

Do you have little to no time for your pet? You do not have to feel guilty if you do. Somehow, because of work and other responsibilities, you can’t find time to walk the animal yourself. But do you know that you can hire walkers instead? Not only will walking your dog becomes possible but hiring the pet walkers Wellington Point has to offer, has numerous advantages for you as well.

Here are some of these rewards:

1.Makes Your Pet Healthy

Just like you, animals also have needs, one of which is constant exercise. When your pet gets to walk on a regular basis, it will have a long, healthy, and happy life. In fact, according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, there is an estimated 54 percent of cats and dogs in the United States that are obese, indicating a high incidence of negligence in the part of pet owners.

Don’t be like those people, and have your pet’s welfare in mind. Prevent health problems from developing by hiring the dog walkers Ipswich has to offer. With just a 20-minute walk every day, you can provide your pet a healthy life.

2.Provides Stimulation and Socialization

Walking does not only make your dog healthy, it also stimulates all of its senses including its auditory and olfactory faculties. When you keep your dog indoors all day, this dampens their ability to detect scents and reduces their neural function, thus making your animal a little less active.

However, when you keep them exposed to the outdoors, you will let them smell, see, feel, and hear new things about their environment. Thus, serving as a sensory stimulant for your pet.

Meanwhile, this also helps your dog get familiar with other people too. When your dog meets other people and animals, it will become less aggressive because proper socialization is encouraged. It is suggested that you start doing this while it is still a puppy.

By hiring the pet walkers Wellington Point has to offer, your pet will have brief encounters with other pets, thus improving your dog’s socializing skills.

3.Improves Pet Behavior

Since your dog is exposed to socializing with other people and animals, this will improve its behavior. On the other hand, with regular walking trips, the dog will spend its energy, thus making it calmer at home. You will no longer have to deal with a hyperactive puppy since it is less likely to engage in undesirable behaviors such as chewing, biting, and barking.

4.Gives You Peace of Mind

Besides, if you are out working most of the day, you will have to leave your pet alone at home. But with professional dog walking Wakeley has, you will no longer have to worry about your dog’s safety. And even if you are working late, you will have the assurance that your dog will still have its regular routine exercise, no matter what.

Then again, leaving your pet alone for long periods will only result to you having guilty feelings and your dog feeling stressed. Give the pup a happy, rewarding life by letting it out from time to time.

5.Saves You Time

Since you have to balance your time between work and life, you might have no time left to walk your dog. As mentioned before, it is important for your dog to have consistent walks even when your schedule is busy. Either you need to spare the wee hours of the morning for your dog, or devote your lunch break for your pet.

However, with the pet walkers Wellington Point has, you will have the opportunity to save your time from doing this. Especially if you are living alone, hiring someone to walk your dog is rewarding for you and your pet.

Hiring people to walk your pet is beneficial not only to the animal but also to you. When you do this, your dog stays healthy, lively, and well-mannered. Meanwhile, you get to spend extra time on other important things than spending an hour just to walk the dog. To find the dog walkers Wynnum Area has to offer, you can check out service providers like Spot the Dog Walkers for offers and specifics. For more details, visit at http://spotdogwalk.com.au/

Pet Safety: Details Dog Owner Should Provide on Dog ID Tags

If you have a puppy at home, you treat him like a friend because he is already one. Puppies have a way of relieving people stress through their playful and friendly nature. For this reason, you should ensure the puppy is safe and secure at all time. This doesn’t mean you should always keep him locked in a house, but there should be a way of ensuring the puppy is safe even when lost. No better way of enhancing your puppy’s safety than buying them high-quality dog id tags Australia has to offer. Some of the details that should appear on a dog id tag include:


dog id tags australia


The name of the puppy

Puppies have names that identify them. In fact, people who buy puppies from breeders when they are very young and choose names for them. The puppy gets used to their name and anyone calling that name would look friendly to him. In case the puppy sneaks from home and wonders away, someone else would find him and call him by the name appearing on the tag. The person who finds the puppy would then call you and describe the puppy by both the markings and his name. That’s why most people find dog id tags Australia has today important for their puppy’s safety.

Your mobile and office number

It is good to ensure that your office and mobile numbers appear on the dog id tag. It makes it easier for those who find the puppy to contact you through the numbers provided. This means you should ensure the numbers provided are operational. If you happen to change your numbers for whatever reason, you should order another dog id tag with the current office or mobile number. If it’s not easy to buy dog id tags from your local shops, you can ship them.

Your address

There are people who don’t find it safe providing their personal mobile numbers on the dog id tags for privacy reasons. For this reason, they choose to use their addresses. When a stranger sees the address on the dog tag, they are able to know the state and city of the dog owner. However, it’s advisable to ensure the address you give is the one you frequently use. Some of the dog id tags Australia has today have addresses including the street, plot number and lane number of the dog owner.

Official security cell number

In some areas, people have mobile or cell numbers of the security office near them. If the puppy gets lost, the one who finds it would call the security number provided and inform the security officers about the lost puppy. Most of the security cell numbers are operational 24 hours. The police or security people would then know how the puppy would reach the owner. You don’t have to buy expensive tags to put security numbers on them. Even the cheap dog id tags Australia has to offer would still work. More info at Pawz.

Your puppy may not be disciplined to stay where it’s used to all the time. Puppies are naturally curious and they like exploring to know more about the surrounding environment. However, they may go to some places and get confused on how to go back. Here, it would take a stranger to use whatever details they find on the dog id tags Australia has to offer to contact the owner.